Welcome to the CNE Tutorial Modules Central. This stand-alone web server is the home of several interactive, multimedia, Internet-accessible tutorial modules, which cover a wide range of contemporary information technology topics.

The tutorial modules use the familiar subway map metaphor -- inspired by the Washington, DC subway map -- for navigating through the topical terrain. Many people have found this method of navigation easy and straightforward. We also provide a comprehensive text index of the topic area, in case you prefer a more linear method of navigation.

The first page of each tutorial module contains a brief introduction to the topic area and links to both the subway map and textual navigational aids. It also contains a link to the names and e-mail addresses of the module's authors in case you want to send some comments or suggestions.

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Core of Information Technology
This module presents an overview of how a small number of great ideas of computing have solved seemingly impossible problems of making computers and the Internet work.

Computing Technology Modules

These modules focus on computer science subjects useful to both the undergraduate and the graduate courses.

Engineering Modules

This module is for undergraduate Engineering students.

Refresher Modules

These modules were built for the Defense Acquisition University for students needing assistance with high school level subjects in mathmatics.

ACM Professional Knowledge Program Module

This module was built for the Association for Computing as a prototype for its new Professional Knowledge Program. The PKP will offer working professionals a means to attain a standard level of reading knowledge in important, timely topic areas in computing. A version of the Hyperlearning Meter system is used to certify that a person has attained the desired knowledge level. This prototype is included here with the permission of ACM, Inc., and is for your personal use only.

Module Builder's Workbench

Current work at CNE includes producing tools to make the development of this type of educational module easier and standards to provide consistency within and among the modules.

Tools under development:


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