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The Hyperlearning Meter is an instructional system that presents tests to students using the Internet. A test can be used for either self-assessment or certification. Each test is unique because questions are generated on-the-fly from templates designed by instructors. Hyperlearning Meter provides both instructors and students with immediate and continual feedback of results.

Hyperlearning means learning in a richly interconnected, decentralized environment -- where the individual must take responsibility for what is learned and cannot rely on direction from a central authority. "Hyper" means above and beyond simple dimensions, as in hyperspace or hypertext.

The Hyperlearning Meter can be used by any organization to measure learning: from college courses to company training. The HyperLearning Center, developer of the Hyperlearning Meter, offers to help you install Hyperlearning Meter in your organization and create question templates, question databases, and tests. We can also help you develop Internet-based learning modules such as those available from HLC's home page.

Tutorial Modules Containing Self-Assessment Tests

Math Refresher
Statistics Refresher
Data and Network Security

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