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This tutorial module will introduce you to the domain of Workflow - a rapidly growing field which is concerned with with assisting the user with tools, technologies, and protocols to complete work. Engineers deal with designing systems, ususally systems of some complexity. Universities teach how to proceed with this design. However, the systems produced by engineers are not only composed of machines or information processes. The user must be in the system, although there is currently considerable confusion as to where to put the user in software design. Workflow views software and computers as tools used to assist the user. The methodologies we describe in this module will help engineers designing software systems to more effectly position the user within their systems and offer a glimpse of the future in building software.

Please proceed to our Module's starting point, a subway map which is a guide to the domain of Workflow. Click on any of the stations to go to the topic designated. If you prefer a text-based interaction, please proceed to our text-based guide. When you are finished with the tutorial, we invite you to take a moment to send your comments and feedback on the module to us.

We deliberately concentrated on providing content in this module, rather than linking to other pages. However, if you are interested in further exploring the topic of workflow research, you cannot do better than to visit the University of Twente's Workflow Management Project. Also, Amit Sheth, director of the Large Scale Distributed Research Lab at the University of Georgia, has an excellent workflow tutorial which was given at SIGMOD95, available from the LSDIS Workflow Projects page.

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