This module is an interactive tutorial which gives a comprehensive view of basic Mathematics.The module covers fractions,exponents,logarithms, quadratic equations,series,functions, derivatives, and integrals. The Math refresher module is intended for use by DAU course participants.

The files of this tutorial use the "frames" feature of the HTML browser software. If you are using the browser Netscape and do not have version 2.0 or higher, you will not be able to access the files of this tutorial. A new version of the browser is easy to download, however. See Netscape for assistance.

The weblike arrangement of the tutorial enables the user to browse randomly from topic to topic. A knowledgeable user will be able to skip subtopics or proceed directly to an area of particular interest.

CAUTION TO THE NOVICE USER: The weblike form of this tutorial tempts the user to follow each link offered and, thus, lose the thread of the subtopic originally begun. So it is advisable to limit random browsing from topic to topic when first using the tutorial. The subway lines are provided to help the user stay on the topic thread. In addition, note that the browser provides a way to backtrack through the pages seen using the "Back" button.

The user is strongly encouraged to send questions from any page using the "mail" button on the vertical toolbar shown on every page.

How to use this tutorial
Guide to the special navigational features of the Math refresher module and overview of the subjects covered by the tutorial.

Subway Map
Primary navigational tool of the Math refresher module. Novice users should begin by clicking on the Introduction station found in the top left corner on the green line

An alternate means of navigation through the Math refresher module. Begin by clicking on a term in the alphabetical index.


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