CACM IT Profession Columns

Peter J. Denning

This directory lists Peter Denning's columns on the IT profession written for Communications of ACM beginning in 2001.

Nature of the Profession

The Atlas Milestones (2022 Sep)
Locality and professional life (2021 Jun)
Science is not another opinion (2021 Mar)
The computing profession (2018, Mar)
The forgotten engineer (2017, Dec)
Misconceptions about computer science (2017, Mar)
Fifty years of operating systems (2016, Mar)[+ M. Tedre, P. Yongpradit]
The whole professional (2014, Dec)
The science in computer science (2013, May)
Who are we now? (2011, Jun)[+D. Frailey]
Computing's paradigm (2009, Dec)[+P. Freeman]
Computing: the fourth great domain of science (2009, Sep)[+ P. Rosenbloom]
Voices of computing (2008, Aug)
Computing is a natural science (2007, Jul)
Is computer science science? (2005, Apr)
The field of programmers myth (2004, Jul)
The core of the third-wave professional (2001, Nov)
Crossing the chasm (2001, Apr)
Who are we? (2001, Feb)

Education for Professionals

Remaining trouble spots with computational thinking (2017, Jun)
Automated education and the professional (2015, Sep)
Learning for the new digital age (2014, Sep)
Beyond computational thinking (2009, Jun)
Recentering computer science (2005, Nov)[+ A. McGettrick]
The IT schools movement (2001, Aug)


Avalanches make us all innovators (2020, Sep)
Technology Adoption (2020, Jun)
Navigating with Accelerating Technology Change (2018, Sep)
How to produce innovations (2016, Jun)
Why our theories of innovation fail us (2015, Dec)[+ N. Dew]
Emergent innovation (2015, Jun)[+F. Flores]
Avalanches are coming (2014, Jun)
Surfing toward the future (2014, Mar)
Design thinking (2013, Dec)
Don't feel bad if you can't predict the future (2012, Sep)
The idea idea (2012, Mar)
The myth of the elevator pitch (2012, Jun)[+ N. Dew]
Innovation as language action (2006, May)[+ B. Dunham]
The social life of innovation (2004, Apr)

Language and Action

Interview with Jim Selman: Navigating in real-time environments (2020, Dec)
The other side of language (2013, Sep)
Thumb numbers (2013, Jun)
The grounding practice (2011, Dec)
Orchestrating coordination in pluralistic networks (2010, Mar)[+ F. Flores, P. Luzmore]
Getting to "we" (2008, Apr)[+ P. Yaholkovsky]
Mastering the mess (2007, Apr)
Accomplishment (2003, Jul)
The missing customer (2003, Mar)
Flatlined (2002, Jun)

The Internet

An Interview with Andrew Odlyzko on cyber security (2019, Sep)[+A Odlyzko] An Interview with David Brin on resiliency (2019, Jun)[+D Brin]
An Interview with William Hugh Murray on security (2019, Mar)[+W H Murray] The long quest for universal information access (2010, Dec)[+ R. Kahn]
Discussing cyber attack (2010, Sep)[+ D. Denning]
The resurgence of parallelism (2010, Jun)[+ J. Dennis]
Evolutionary system development (2008, Dec)[+ R. Hayes-Roth, C. Gunderson]
Decision making in very large networks (2006, Nov)[+ R. Hayes-Roth]
Infoglut (2006, Jul)
Hastily formed networks (2006, Apr)


The context problem in AI (2022, Dec)
Interview with Dave Parnas (2018, Jun)
Software quality (2016, Sep)
Is software engineering engineering? (2009, Mar)

Computing Science

Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence (2020, Mar)[+Dorothy Denning]
Uncertainty (2019, Dec)[+ Ted Lewis]
Learning machine learning (2018, Dec)[+ Ted Lewis]
The choice uncertainty principle (2007, Nov)
The locality principle (2005, Jul)
Network laws (2004, Nov)
Great principles of computing (2003, Nov)

Time and Commitment Management

Multitasking without thrashing (2017, Sep)
Managing time (Part 2) (2011, Sep)
Managing time (Part 1) (2011, Mar)
Internet time out (2002, Mar)

Moods: A Force for Productivity

The beginner's creed (2017, Jul)
Learning to learn (2016, Dec)[+ G. Flores]
Moods, wicked problems, and learning (Part 2) (2013, Mar)
Moods (Part 1) (2012, Dec)


A technician shortage (2015, Mar)[+ E. Gordon]
Career redux (2002, Sep)