Peter J. Denning

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Innovation PJD has been writing about innovation process, practice, technology transfer, and skill for many years.
CACM IT Profession columns Since 2001, PJD's IT profession columns for the ACM Communications have addressed a variety of topics of use for practicing professionals.
Encyclopedia and Handbook Articles PJD prepared over a dozen articles for the new Encyclopedia of Computer Science (Wiley, 2008), and for other handbooks.
American Scientist Columns Selected classics from PJD's library of 47 "Science of Computing" columns for American Scientist magazine during 1985-1993. Additional Computing Science columns since 2016.
Computing Science Articles about the science of computing and the implications of the computing field's being a science.
Working Sets and Virtual Memory PJD's seminal and classic papers on working sets, thrashing, locality of reference, and virtual memory, from 1968 onwards.
Great Principles of Computing PJD's project to write codify the fundamental principles of computing in language useful in all scientific fields.
Learning Articles addressing fundamental issues in the philosophy of engineering and computing education.
Professions and Futures Articles relating to the IT profession, its core, its related fields, its structure, its practices, and its future.
Software Articles relating to software engineering, reliability, education of software engineers, software architecture, reuse, and quality.
Workflow and Commerce Articles relating to workflow modeling and technology, based mainly in the language-action perspective of work.
ACM President Letters
Selected monthly columns PJD wrote for ACM members while he was President during 1980-1982.
Seminal Reports PJD's seminal papers, beginning with technical reports when he was student at MIT, including 1966 report discovery of working set idea.