Workflow Publications

Peter J. Denning

The Fifteenth Level. 1994. Keynote speech given at the SIGMETRICS 1994 annual conference. PJD predicted that the next level of abstraction to be incorporated into operating systems would be workflow. This is now starting to happen.

Completing the Loops. (With Raul Medina-Mora) 1995. From Interfaces, June 1995, a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science. A study of the action workflow model in the design of a major university process (course scheduling).

1996. Workflow in the Web [HTML]. From New Tools for New Times: Electronic Commerce, Future Strategies, 1996. An overview of the (then) emerging area of electronic commerce and the principles of infrastructure needed to support it successfully in the Internet.

Workflow Overview. 1996. An unpublished article with Raul Medina-Mora from 1996. Examines why productivity of IT workers has not been as high as advocates forecast, and how workflow mapping and tracking technology can improve the situation.