The Center for the New Engineer
1993 - 1998

"Engineers connecting to human concerns."

CNE Logo

Dedicated to educating the engineer for the 21st century.

The Center for the New Engineer was founded by Peter Denning and Daniel MenascÚ in 1993. It was dedicated to helping engineers learn complex systems using Internet tools as a technological support. It received a major contract from DARPA and a grant from NSF to support its work. During its first five years, the Center produced

  • Library of tutorial modules on computer science and related topics
  • A set of Java workbenches to demonstrate advanced concepts from computer systems
  • Refresher modules on math and statistics
  • A prototype of the Hyperlearning Meter system.
  • In 1998, the Center changed its name to Hyperlearning Center to reflect its new focus on technologies that support education.


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