A Natural Science
What is information?
What is computation?
What can we know through computation?
What can’t we know?
Once the purview of computing specialists, these questions are now occupying people in all fields of science, engineering, business, and even politics.
Computing is a science of information processes.  Information processes have been discovered in the deep structures of all those fields.
Unlocking the mysteries of those processes will open many advances in those fields.  The principles of computation are helping to pick the lock.
Computing needs a new language for its core principles.  The traditional way of focusing on ideas behind computing technologies puts the computer, rather than the computation, at the center.  The computer is the tool, computation is the principle.
The Great Principles of Computing project is developing language for discussing the fundamental principles of computing.   The framework  is helping foster collaboration between computing and many other fields.  It is helping innovations by exposing unseen connections between technologies.  It is helping to communicate the joys of computing to young people, who can now see that these principles serve them in their daily lives even when they are unplugged from their computers.
Explore this site.  Enjoy the principles.  Express us your thoughts.

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