Association for Computing Machinery
Special Interest Group Computer Science Education
Outstanding Educator Award 1999


Peter J. Denning

Peter J. Denning has made extraordinary contributions to computer science education since the 1970s. He is most noted for leading the ACM/IEEE Task Force in the mid 1980s that completely reframed the core identity of Computer Science -- as a discipline on its own and not a specialty of another -- and gave us a model for the structure of the discipline. That report, known as the "Denning Report," enabled significant changes to the core curriculum. In the early 1970s, Denning successfully advocated that operating systems be included in the core of computing, the first systems specialty with that distinction. He was one of the leaders in the battle for a solution to the "seed corn" crisis besetting the field in the early 1980s and a spokesman for experimental computer science ever since. He continues to advocate curriculum reforms and now champions the transformation of our discipline into a profession.