Naval Postgraduate School
Menneken Award 2016
Significant and Sustained Research


Peter J. Denning

Distinguished Professor Peter Denning, Department of Computer Science, laid foundations of computing working through DARPA that were important to DOD, including his operating systems research in the 1960s and 1970s that underpins cyber security today, his work on CSNET in the 1980s that transitioned networking from the closed ARPANET to the open Internet, his co-development of operational performance analysis, and his work with online education for DARPA that supported early DOD and DAU interests in distance learning. Dr Denning has written prolifically about his research and its implications. He has published 415 reviewed articles and 68 technical reports and he has received 27 awards for his work. Dr Denning’s work and activities meet the criteria for the Menneken Award in exemplary fashion.