Association for Computing Machinery
Karl Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award 1996


Peter J. Denning

The ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award is presented annually to an outstanding educator who: is recognized for advancing new teaching methodologies, or effecting new curriculum development or expansion in computer science and engineering, or who is making a significant contribution to the educational mission of the ACM. Those who have been teaching for ten years or less will be given special consideration. A prize of $5,000 is supplied by the Prentice-Hall Publishing Company.

ACM is proud to present its Outstanding Educator Award to Peter Denning,

For his efforts in developing a scientific core for operating systems, in formulating a curriculum, and in elucidating Computer Science to the broader scientific community.

Dr Peter Denning has been awarded the 1996 ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award for his long-standing efforts to shape our field and convey its nature to computer scientists as well as a broader scientific community. Professor Denning's vision, leadership, and early writings on Operating Systems played a key role in making that area a respected part of the core curriculum. His subsequent efforts advanced the entire curriculum by advocating the integration of an experiment component as well as proposing a new map for viewing the field. Finally, Denning's series of 47 monthly columns in American Scientist brought Computer Science questions to the attention of the larger scientific community, long before such efforts were fashionable.