Technology and Transformation

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  • WWW, a paradigm of innovation.
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  • Claim of expertise exercise (Dec 2 and 9).

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    The Real Reasons Why Innovation is not Invention

  • Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) systems have become quite common in business. Businesses like them because they can eliminate as much as 85% of their call center staff. Customers don't like them. Enterprising customers who want to talk to a real live person often have to work hard to get the IVR to connect them. Paul English has given them a way.
  • Some invention are just so whacky that no one would seriously consider adopting them.

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  • Assertions and Assessments.
  • PJD's sample autobiography.
  • RDR's sample autobiography.
  • Notes on Drucker Book.
  • Map of 7 Foundational Practices.
  • Map of 8th Foundational Practice.
  • Map of Rogers' Innovation Process.
  • Notes on Rogers' Diffusion Model.
  • Declaration of Independence, interpreted by Chauncey Bell, who says: "No vision or mission statement. Well crafted declaration of interpretation about who we are. Well crafted complaint. Well crafted declaration of action."

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