CNE Publications

Hyperlearning Meter
As part of our work on the NSF Combined Research Curriculum Development (CRDC) program and our work with the ARPA CAETI program, we developed a certification system called Hyperlearning Meter. We reported on this in an NSF symposium for CRCD investigators, April 1997.

Internet Seminar
In cooperation with the Arlington County Career Development Center, we prepared an Internet seminar introducing the Internet to our K-12 community.

CNE Brochure
A copy of our brochure is available as a web page or as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document.

Re-Engineering the Engineering School
Peter Denning, Daniel Menasce, and Joseph Gerstner wrote about the feedback-path strategy of the CNE for the 1995 ASEE conference. Also available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document.

Closing the Loops
Peter Denning and Raul Medina-Mora wrote a paper for Interfaces journal on the importance of workflow mapping to a successful reengineering effort. © Copyright 1995, Institute for Operations Research and Management, 2 Charles Street, Suite 300, Providence, RI 02904 USA; Posted on this server with permission. (Needs Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Workflow and Productivity
Peter Denning gave a keynote speech at the Tools and Methods for Business Process Engineering in June 1996. He claimed that the vexing service-sector productivity barrier has been breached after two decades of stagnation. (Needs Abobe Acrobat Reader.)

Workflow on the Web
Peter Denning gave a keynote speech at a meeting of the Virginia Telecommunications Users Group on July 25, 1996. He discussed the fundamental networking principles needed for electronic commerce and suggested workflow as a way to pierce through the fog of apparent implementation complexity. (Needs Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Electronic Commerce
Peter Denning wrote a chapter for a book on Electronic Commerce, giving his overview of the main issues that designers must face. This chapter overlaps with "workflow on the web".

Before Virtual Memory
Peter Denning put together a retrospective on virtual memory for a book on the history of computing, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebrations by ACM and IEEE. (Needs Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Sliding Through Operating Systems
While working on several of the CNE modules, Daniel Menasce' put together a web book, consisting of Powerpoint Slide images, covering all aspects of operating systems.

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