The Center for the New Engineer (CNE) computing laboratory consists of over 35 Unix workstations, (including Sun Ultras, Sparc 20s, Sparc 5s and Sparc LXs, and NeXT machines), Sun file servers, and Pentium PCs. The server contains the web pages of the CNE, including the library of CNE modules. Several servers provide over 22 gigabytes of file storage to the internal network and CNE staff. The CNE network consists of a 24 port switched ethernet hub with each port selectable for 10 or 100 megabits per second. The CNE lab is connected by a 100 Mbps full-duplex link to the George Mason University infrastructure, itself a 100 megabit per second full duplex network. George Mason connects to Suranet via multiple T1 connection, via a WellFleet Router. Every participating faculty member (mostly in Computer Science) has a Sun workstation connected to the CNE subnet.

In addition to the CNE network, CNE supports other faculty in related departments (such as the Graduate School of Education) with standalone workstations connected to the campus network. Several CNELink public schools use equipment supplied by CNE to connect to the Internet, in some cases through the CNE network.

Updated 7/21/96